Saturday, 21 November 2009

Common things

A few months ago I had a bit of a panic that as my son grew older I could find less shared interests between us. I mean, what do 13 year old boys really have in common with their mums?
One issue is that I've never really had any hobbies, even as a child. I recently thought about learning to make felt with a friend because it sounded like a nice middle class thing that I ought to be doing but then when they started talking about cross-stitch I remembered that this really wasn't me. See, I pretend, like a martyr, that I don't want to waste time or money on my own hobby but the truth is that I'm just not that interested in much, except getting drunk and dancing. And I can't really share that with my son yet (although admittedly it would have been a struggle to share felt making with him too).
To ensure my son doesn't turn out like me I've encouraged him to learn every instrument, play every sport and collect anything he can. But these are his things, not mine. He wont even play sport with me anymore because as he's got better I seem to have got worse, which makes for pretty uneven matches! (Gone are the simple days when he struggled to catch a ball....Hmmph). Anyway, in the end I splashed out on tickets to see Michael McIntyre (which turned out to be even more expensive after the parking ticket). I figured we did both like laughing. A lot. It was well worth it. Apart from having to pretend that I didn't understand the rude bits it was a successful trip enjoyed by both. Hooray for (almost) family friendly comedians....

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