Tuesday, 10 November 2009

This is me

I'm not biased but my son is brilliant at everything. Truely. Absolutely everything except drawing people. He hates it and he hates that he can't do it. His Art homework for this week was to draw someone. As it was due for Monday he started it at 8pm on Sunday evening after a particularly busy weekend. I stood and posed patiently while he got more and more frustrated. The end result was, in his eyes, terrible. He was upset that he'd made my thighs look fat and my top half look square. He said it looked nothing like me. To me this picture was perfect. I do have fat thighs and not much of a waist. I'm flattered that he thinks otherwise but really this picture is fairly accurate. If anything it makes me look more in proportion than I actually am.
So this is me; fat thighs and square top half, yet much prettier in the eyes of my son....

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