Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Independent Council of Twenty-something Childless Blokes

For some reason I always seem to get on better with childless people. I don't know why, maybe they are just more interesting. I also always seem to get on better with men then women. I think this is because male friends don't require the same level of commitment as females. You can never text or phone or email a male friend and he's really not that bothered; My few surviving female friends tend to be either very persistent or their children are related to my child. Anyway, I seem to have found myself in the twenty-something childless male clique at work. For reasons that now appear quite clear. As these are the only people I really chat to I often find myself discussing 'parenting' issues with them, much to their amusement. Today it was the issue of listening to the ipod while cycling. My son insists that I am the only parent who has reservations about this. The twenty-something childless blokes voted 2 to 1 that yes, I was being over protected (with the disclaimer that it also depends what music he's listening to, and not to cycle under the influence of alcohol!). So, again my son has been saved by the ICTCB, which have also helped him obtain an unsuitable computer game, have his thumb seen by the doctor and recently helped direct his future career aspirations. I wonder just how different things would be for him if I were part of a middle-aged mummy clique....

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