Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Letter to my 16 year old self

Dear My 16 year old self

Hi, It's me. I don't know whether you know you're pregnant yet. If you don't, get a test done. If it's before October then I'm afraid you're gonna have to hang around for a bit then as soon as you're up the duff get out of there. Follow your instincts. Don't stop thinking. And I know having a baby may seem like a scary prospect but you cannot risk not having this little man in your life.

Don't worry about what other people are thinking, especially people at church. C and L may be judging you now but they will both be pregnant too by the end of next year. Oh, look out for L. She's gonna go through some tough stuff. Don't hate her and tell her that when she's 28 it will all be OK. If you leave now like I'm telling you to then you will have less understanding of what she will go through.

Oh and stop being embarrased about your brother. He has Aspergers you insensitive dumbass. Look it up. Don't worry-you will make it up to him. Try and take him out with your friends some more though. It might help you behave too.

Learn to speak well so that at least you sound intelligent and get some GHD's. They are worth the investment. You will buy them in the end anyway so save yourself buying all the crap versions first.

Don't worry about your weight. You will pretty much stay the same for the next 15 years anyway.

Try to type properly-it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Never let computer consoles into your house.

Good luck and enjoy being a Mum-its the most important job you will ever do.

Now start packing. Don't wait around for another 2 and a half years. Mum and Dad don't hate you and one day they will be proud.

Your 30 year old self

p.s In 2007 do not get a five year fixed rate-go for the tracker instead.


  1. Oh if only we could....wouldn't it make life so much easier. ;0)

  2. p.p.s. You will go through phases of getting really bad PMT. When you think its the end of the world please check your dates to see if your period is due. It's better that you hear this from me than someone else!

  3. p.p.p.s How ever many you attempt to do them you will never be confident or good at doing at presentations. Its prob best that you just try and avoid them.

    p.p.p.p.s. It will take you a very very long time to pass your test but you will eventually be able to drive.

    p.p.p.p.p.s. PM me to get the name of your son. Hopefully the person that would have told you this will not be around at the time or if he is you will have stopped listening.

    p.p.p.p.p.p.s. The first and second time that Mum gets ill she will get better. It will help lots to know this. I don't know after that. I'm waiting for my letter from my 45 year old self to arrive.....

  4. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - so glad you wrote your own letter, quite cathartic isn't it? Imagine your 16 year old self receiving such a letter!

  5. p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. You know the millennium? (thats when it goes from 1999 to 2000) Well it will be an anti-climax. Save your money and stay in instead.

    I'm gonna stop now! Thanks for comments chic and notsuper.

  6. last one: Next year you will get a silly photo taken in a passport booth of you with your baby. This will be the nicest photo ever of you and your son. Do not keep it in your wallet because you will loose it! Keep it in a frame and make lots of copies. If you don't you will spend the next 15 years thinking about that cute pic you lost.

  7. Ok Final 3 words:
    1. You don't need to wear a jumper tied round your waist all the time. It doesn't make your bum look any smaller.
    2. I dont need to tell you to experiment more (you will thoroughly enjoy ages 19-22) but maybe consider telling less people about it. Speaking of gossip, don't worry when people say to you 'you have such a big mouth-I'm never telling you anything again.' They will!
    3. If you are going to try to make a complaint about your disseration supervisor then also remember to request that he doesn't mark your work. Oh and dont let pride get in the way of asking for an extension. Everyone else will request one and they wont even have a proper reason...

  8. Love all your P.S's!

    And I love how much your unexpected pregnancy changed your life for the better. The little decisions we'd change but the biggys usually make us better in some way it seems :)

    Thanks so much for taking part

    Josie x