Friday, 25 December 2009

till next time....

Well, that's Christmas over. Despite feeling strangely 'unchristmassy' for most of the month, having a 3,500 word essay due on 21st December and my period being due today, Christmas was thankfully pretty stress-free this year compared to last year. This was primarily due to the fact that:
1) We weren't doing the Christmas dinner,
2) We didn't have to rely on any family members being 'let out' of hospital for the day.

At the beginning of the week we had my ex's ex and her four kids stay for two days, which turned into three days due to scary icy roads. It was lovely and I love seeing my son with his siblings but having four kids is so so different to just having one. It really is constant. No sneaking off to the computer. No falling asleep in front of the telly. No nipping out to the shop on your own. It wore me out and I wasn't even the one looking after them. I don't know how she does it. When they left it felt so quiet and I realized that my life really is quite easy! In my house we have two adults looking after one almost grown up child. I will never stress about being too busy or tired ever again!

Of course, this is when I'm thinking rationally...

Periods can completely change things....This time last month I spent almost an entire day in floods of tears, feeling sorry for myself and wailing to anyone who would listen that it was their fault. That person happened to be my boyfriend, who was very patient and took it all on board. So when I came on my period the next day (and no longer felt like my world was ending) I was a tad embarrassed and had to spend the following 4 days avoiding him and hiding Tampax! The conversation on day 4 went something like this:

him: so how long have you been on your period then?
me: (damn!) erm....oh ... hmmmmm.... three, four days?
me: ...that's not why I said all those things the other day when I was upset though-
him: oh no I know

My little rant wasn't mentioned again though...

This sudden emotional explosion happens almost every month and yet I'm never prepared for it so I noted in my diary that on 24th December I need to chill a bit...I wanted to tell everyone ELSE to be extra nice to me that day too but that sounded a bit pathetic. So Christmas eve everyone bickered and generally wound me up. However, despite my son slamming his bedroom door about 3 times in 3 hours, I managed to hold it together. Just.

Christmas day was fine and everyone got on and everyone was happy etc etc

......although still no period... God, I hope I'm not pregnant....


  1. I'm the same when its that time of the month so know exactly how you feel! I clash with EVERYBODY!

  2. Oh I eventually came on my period for anyone who was worried!