Friday, 2 April 2010

Good friends - old and new

Last night I said goodbye to one of my bestest friends - She's off travelling for 18 months and I don't know how I'm gonna cope without her.  We met about 8 years ago, out for a friends birthday. James's song 'Sit Down' came on and we both clambered up on to the tables so that we could dance and then jump off the table at each "Sit down' line. We knew at that point we would be friends for a long time. When people ask how we met we just say dancing on tables!

Tonight my new friend is coming over and we are all going away on a little adventure. It feels like Thelma and Louise except with kids (and without killing anyone)! I first met her about 12 years ago. I remember being in a little hippy shop in town with her and that song came on;

'You've done too much, much too young, you're married with a kid when you should be having fun....'

...and we just looked at each. I dont know if she was thinking the same as me but it felt like she was. I will always remember that moment. It was the first time I'd been allowed to go into town on my own for a long while. A lot has happened since. Recently, we became friends again. We have even more in common now, namely the father of our children! Maybe she lost sight if those lyrcs for while but you can only look forward, and I'm pretty sure fun will be a strong feature.

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