Thursday, 1 April 2010

When will I will I be famous?

Next week I will hand in the last ever essay in my life. I am never ever studying again.

I know I've said it before but I mean it this time. If you ever hear me say I'm thinking about doing a course please shoot me. Honestly I want you to... like don't kill me or anything but make sure it hurts.

So today I finally made myself start working on this bloody essay. I did eventually get into it but my boyf came in from work and found the house was a complete state and I'd missed my doctors appointment. He wasn't happy.

'But I'm trying to write an essay in two days that would usually take me a month to do!!!' I shouted at him,

'So why haven't you been doing it in the last month?!!' he shouted back,

I hate not having an answer.

'So what course are you doing next then?' he asked when we'd both calmed down
'That's it, no more, ever'
'Till next time, I don't know why you keep doing it if you don't like studying'
'I like having qualifications and I like learning, I just don't like doing the work', That summed it up quite well I thought. 'You know what I want? One of those honorary degrees like famous people get''
'And they don't have to do anything?'
'Nope, just be famous. Sue Townsend's got one'
'So what are you gonna be famous for? Murdering your boyfriend?' he asked,
'You don't get a degree for that - I'm serious. I could be famous if I wanted to'
'Well, I wouldn't pin your hopes on it, oh, when you rearrange that appointment at the docs-you should maybe speak to them about delusions of grandeur too'

My son walked in. My trusting son. Always on my side. 'You believe I'll be famous one day don't you?'
'Yes Mum' he said.... 'for having the biggest bum in the world'
My boyfriend sniggered
Y'know suddenly the boyfriend murderer thing doesn't seem that unlikely.....the degree will just be a bonus.

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