Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Swear box

So anyway, there's this woman at work who is like ancient. She's so old she's developed this like old person's tourette's. It's quite amusing. I sat next to her today as she cursed her way through the morning. I can't believe your language I eventually said to her. We should have a swear box on your desk a colleague suggested. Beer money we decided.

D: 50p for a bollox
A: 10p a shit
me: 75p a fu....
Oh My God - That so didn't sound like that in my head!

Everyone looked at me horrified....before digging into their pockets for spare change to work out what they could get for their money.

I swear, if I get in work tomorrow morning and find piles of 75p on my desk I will not be amused...


  1. See this is why u make me laugh!

  2. Lol! The equality policy officer did come up to me today to ask what he could get for 74p!

  3. old person's tourettes ahaha
    hmmm i think my dad has that
    i may inform him of this...

    by the way, i've tagged you in my last post