Sunday, 6 June 2010


Ok, I've always had like a feeling that my cat thinks it's human. Like, if I lived with a family of cats, I'd probably think I was a cat too so it makes sense. Anyway, I often have conversations with the cat that go like this:

'look I don't understand what you're saying-what does that mean?'
'ok, now if you want to communicate you have to use proper words, I think you're just being lazy'
'nope, keep trying'

Then she will mope off in a huff...

Anyway this morning I was on gogglemaps and the cat was being annoying cos she wanted feeding and she kept walking over the keyboard and shit and then suddenly this appeared on the screen:

Like my cat actually typed it .....

My cat said "oiiiiiiiiiiii" to me.....My cat communicated with words!!!

OMG I knew it-I looked at her and she was staring back at me smuggly as if to say 'happy now?'

OMG I opened up a pages doc thinking we could maybe get a conversation going.

 'mmmmmmmmm' she typed

Oh right yeah food... Ok I get it....

Maybe next we could discuss political views or feminism or something but one step at a time I guess...


  1. How much have you had to drink today? lol

    My cat thinks she's human too actually, she understands the word dinner that's for sure and if I say "kiss mummy" she puts her head down for me to kiss - bless her! (Think I need to see a shrink!)

    Although I almost killed her the other night when she decided it'd be fun to jump on me while I was fast asleep from the top of the wardrobe, I thought I was being attacked!

  2. lol! I still cant work out if this is like an amazing story or not-should I be ringing news of the world or keeping quiet before I get sectioned?
    The boyf is pretty impressed tho and has spent the day shouting "oi" "mmmm" at the cat so he must be as mad as me!