Thursday, 10 June 2010

Thirty (and a bit)

Today I turned 31 so really this blog title is now a lie. I guess that means I should stop but I'm slightly concerned about ending this blogging lark with a post about the psychological damage I do to my son. I'm not quite sure how I would like it to end but I'm thinking I may continue just until my son is 14 next month and hopefully by then I can try and sneak in a few responsible posts without it looking like my blogs been sabotaged by a proper grown up!

Anyway, turning 31 is a bit depressing. The day has been spent on a shitty what-bollox-can-I-learn-about myself course where, during a 'challenge', I accused the course leader of playing mind games and tricking us all, to the point where every time he tried to speak I shouted "Don't listen to him-he's lying. He's trying to cause conflict," only to realize later that it wasn't a trick. We were just crap at the challenge. It was kinda embarrassing. I really don't know what came over me. What have a learnt about myself? That I watch too much Big Brother maybe.....

Anyway I'm gonna try and put today behind me. Tomorrow I will be super grown up and mature and sensible.....

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  1. Happy Birthday! I forgot you had your dodgey course on your birthday, at least you provided the entertainment eh! x