Thursday, 3 June 2010

The rules

So, I went to see SATC2 with 3 old friends on Friday (yes, we did discuss who was which character!) (yes, I did fight to be Samantha!). Anyway, I totally loved it. So much so that I'm seeing it again! And I also love that it got such bad reviews! I think they're hilarious - I mean, if you're not a SATC fan why would you even think you would like this film? It's totally shallow and materialistic and cringey and fabulous! I read a review that slammed it for being too far fetched and out of touch with the real world."What women watching this in the cinema would seriously go home and suggest to her partner that they make up their own relationship rules and have two days a week apart' one reviewer hissed....

The next morning:
'Darling, Carrie Bradshaw said you should make up your own rules of your relationship.  What do you think are the rules of our relationship?'

'First rule of our rules is not to talk about the rules....

.....Second rule of our rules is not to talk about rule number 1'

Hmmmm, Not the answer I was looking for. My boyf is not quite as intuitive as Mr Big.

The thing is I could totally relate to Carrie (aka the bitch girlfriend from hell). I didn't choose the most expensive wallpaper in the world so that my boyf could sit playing the xbox in front of it, or lie on the sofa falling asleep with his shoes on in front of it. It like totally ruins the whole image!

The boyf worked away from home last night for the first time ever and I'm not ashamed to admit that I totally loved it. I loved that the mess was my mess. I loved that the bed was all mine. I loved the lack of x-box noise. I loved that I was able to accidentally melt clingfilm into my home made pizza and no one was there to witness it (Ok, maybe this is a different issue). But is this really so bad? Surely if it works it works, right? My dad works away from home two days every week and I'm pretty sure he looks forward to those two days all week! Is it really so far fetched to need your own space? (said in the style of Carrie Bradshaw sitting at her laptop in underwear)

Now, how do I manage to squeeze this into the rules that we don't speak of as a regular thing without the boyfriend noticing.....

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