Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Back to bed...

Ok. So even though it did appear that God was trying to sabotage my weekend in Barcelona I refused to let it bother me.  So my friend decides to break her foot a few days before I was due to arrive - no biggie. Wheel chairs are sexy right? So I get a call that my cash card has been stopped due to fraudulent activity - I have complete faith that a new one will arrive the same day I'm due to fly out. When that card appears and then disappears I totally don't even go mad at the boyf when he discovers it in the the outside bin hours later cos he accidently chucked it away despite insisting he hadn't touched it. When the guy I get stuck sitting next to on the plane turns out to be a sex pest who wont leave me alone I still giggle pathetically and think its kinda cute!

When my friend then falls over AFTER hopping up the steps from the metro station and screams out that she's broken her OTHER FOOT I simply laugh at her bad luck.

When I spend hours pushing her up a huge hill to some 'like really cool' bars and we find that the 3 steps at the top mean we have to turn around and go back down the hill I say hey, its fine, really, despite the fact my arms are about falling off and I've broken my favourite sandals.

 When Spain score and win the world cup while we're in the fussing elevator I appreciate that we still just about heard the celebrations even if we couldn't be part of it.

When the same the sex pest is again on the flight home I'm totally cool with spending the whole flight hiding from him and his brothers.

But when I get home late and have to be at work a few hours later and have shit loads to catch up on and the weather is crap and then I have to be up at 4.30am the next morning cos my son's on a school trip to Belguim and all he does in the morning is moan and whinge and I get home after thanklessly dropping him and a friend off at school at stupid o clock to find quite abusive messages from some ebay buying who is clearly mentaly unstable and I see my bed calling me and I think, you know what, who gives a fuss if I'm late for work today, well at that point I really didn't know if I'd ever be able to get up again....

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