Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Last Post

This is the last post for this blog. My son turns 14 on Monday.

(Update: yes I did make the cake myself, yes he was mortally embarrassed, no he still hasn't forgiven me)

It's quite a scary prospect. I still feel about 14 myself most of the time. But I guess a lot has changed in the last 14 years. Sometimes I feel like me and my son have both kinda grown up together.  Other times I feel like I've just let him catch up with me. I'm glad that his big sister (AKA my daughter from another mother) has been a significant feature of the last 14 years though. Last night we went to see Eclipse together. I never understood the Twilight phenomena. I was aware of the 'feminist backlash.' But I liked Bella. I liked that she didn't have to do much to be a heroine. As a teen I would have much preferred her to identify with than Buffy. We can't all be kick ass superheros. It takes far too much energy. I guess I'll always be a shit feminist though. My daughter from another mother seemed content just to drool over Jacob for the 2 hours anyway, which I could totally relate to! I guess I really should try and stop lusting over 18 year old boys soon-before it gets me into trouble!

Maybe I'll do another blog some time. Typically, I've got loads coming up; camping with the fam (including the 4 gorgeous lil siblings), another week at the sea, festivals with friends, and one with the bro. And my mum has organised another one of her famous street parties for tomorrow. I'm sure it wont all run smoothly. Maybe I'll miss doing stuff and thinking 'this will make a funny blog post'.

Since returning from Belgium my son's been quite sweet and chatty (or as much as I can expect a sarcastic, angst-ridden, nearly 14 year old boy to be!).  It sounds like he had a great time in Ypres. At the school meeting the teacher went on about the bugler playing the Last Post in the evening, how magical and inspiring it was.

"What was the Last Post like Darling?" I asked

"Boring" he replied.

Oh, I was kinda hoping for a fitting quote to end this with but I guess that will have to do....

NB If you start suffering withdrawal symptoms you can find me here, promoting respect for young mums 


  1. You absolutely have to do another blog. I love reading your stuff!!!

  2. I'm with linnet! I want another blog!!!! x