Wednesday, 7 July 2010

An education

Despite my son not wanting the attention I manged to sneak myself, my mum, my brother and D in to watch him at the school summer show. I was so proud. He was faultless as usual. But most importantly I think he enjoyed himself too. He sat in the pit while he wasn't performing so I could see the top of his head throughout the show. Just before the end, two teenage girls came on stage and did a dance routine to Beyonce's Single Ladies. I'm not sure where they came from. I'm pretty sure my son still attends an all boys school and they haven't taken on any scout type equality bill that lets random girls in. That said, they were bloody brilliant. I fear I may have whooped even louder for them than I did for my own son. Other parent's frowned and tutted: "What are they doing here?' "This doesn't go with the rest of the show!" But as I saw my son and his friends staring up from their pit with, I'm sure, the perfect view I couldn't help but agree with one of the dads who simply replied 'I think its just a bit of a treat for the boys". Their faces said it all.....

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