Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Stubburn Genius

My son is lovely, really he is, but he can be very stubburn. I'm sure he must get this trait from his father. His developmental review age 3 in his Red Book clearly states "Unable to do any tasks - Uncooperative". That's my son - if he think someone else wants him to do it, he will just refuse... but that doesn't mean he can't do it. Far from it.

This week my son was asked to perform in the school's Summer Production, on the piano. He loves playing the piano. He plays every day. But someone else had asked him to do it. He also knew I wanted him to do it...

"I'm not doing it," he simply said.

Right. Time for action.

I rang the school, "Look, I really want him to but I'm not sure that I can persuade him."
His teacher totally understood. "Ok, we really want him to as well, I''ll have a word, I'll tell him he's already on the programme."
"Brilliant," I said
But the next morning he still wasn't sure. I rang the school again. I feel like a pushy mother. The receptionist must be sick of me. I'm already slightly concerned that I have a reputation for complaining if my son isn't in the top set - while it is true I have twice 'questioned' it, once it was my mistake because the classes were actually mixed ability (Why call it group 4 then??? What was I meant to think??) and once it was a fussing ADMIN ERROR!! (You moved my son down a set cos of an ADMIN ERROR-are you completely incompetent!!???). Anyway its nice to ring and speak to teacher who is on my side.
"Right - I've just told him we can't change the programme, I hope you don't mind - its not true but its just we really want him to play."
No totally - this is exactly what I want you to do.

So tomorrow my son is playing piano in the school Summer Production... I think he'll love it...or at least I really really really hope he will.....but all I can think of is that extremely clearly written 'UNCOOPERATIVE' in big letters across his Red Book....

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