Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bad timing

My time keeping is really bad. Every week I am late for football, guitar, badminton, the list goes on. Thank god for flexi time at work. I don't think anyone realizes I actually aim to get in 45 mins before I roll up each day. For any event I am always way beyond fashionably late. I am always in a rush getting ready to go anywhere because in my head it always takes much less time than it actually does. I'm also really badly organised. I never have my son's football kit ready the day before like I'm meant to. I always leave essays till the very last minute. I just seem unable to plan ahead. So far I've always just about got away with it. If I know that I can get away with being 15 mins late max then that is the time I will turn up. Not a second before. People have come to expect it from me though. The football coach actually tells me a time to meet 10 mins before the time he's told all the other parents! My son said that everyone cheered when he actually brought his football kit back on Saturday last clearly it hasn't even gone unnoticed to 13 yr old boys who normally don't notice anything that's not plugged into the telly.

Unfortunately though I think I really need to start doing something about it. Every week I say to my son 'next week I will be more organised' but this time I really really mean it. Being unorganised is not as easy as it used to be now that the boyfriend is working. I can't just ring him from work and ask him to put something in the washing machine or post something for me. Also, my son has GCSE's coming up over the next few years and I really don't want him to be like me. I've already noticed that he's started doing his homework later and later. It's only going to get worse and I know I will only have myself to blame. So my plan is:

1.get things like clothes ready the night before
2.finish the washing up before I go to bed rather than before work the next morning
4.early bedtimes
4.get to work BY 9 o clock which means I can then leave earlier which means we can then get to guitar and badminton on time
5.wash my son's football kit straight after training
6.remind my son every day to check what homework he has

Ok so now I just need to stick to it....


  1. lol, that is much harder to do than it sounds! love from a fellow bad timer xxx

  2. But you have a good excuse (4 kids!) xxx

  3. wow, since writing this I have returned son's football kit on time, arrived at work 15 rather than 45 mins late, was only 10 mins late for football and once went to bed before 12. Maybe writing goals down does work (sort of)...