Saturday, 20 March 2010

Irrational purchases

Today I spent £1.79 on 5 plastic ducks.
I told my son I bought them for him. 'You know me so well' he replied sarcastically!

I used to buy things like this for myself all the time. I loved buying things just because I liked them. When did I stop? What happened? When did I start to feel that every purchase has to be part of a rational decision making process?  It's not even a money thing - It's simply a justification thing - maybe it's partly a not-wanting-to-turn-into-my-mother-with-a-house-full-of-trinkets thing too. But rational doesn't make you happy - it just makes you boring!

So my very late new years resolution is to make as many irrational purchases as possible....

Boyfriend: what the hell are these ducks doing in the bathroom?
Son: There are ducks? In the house?
Boyfriend: Not real ducks, these bloody stupid plastic things!

Oh yes....that's whats happened

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