Saturday, 6 March 2010

World Book Day unnoticed

World Book Day passed us by in our household. I don't know if schools just don't bother with it beyond age 10, particularly at a boys schools. I guess the idea is that reading is not considered cool for 13 year old boys. I don't really get why people think this. My son reads every night; not because he's a geek but because there are some bloody good books for 13 year boys (The Cherub series, Andy McNab's boy soldier series, the young bond books etc). Most of his friends have rediscovered reading when they have found these books too. Occasionally I'll read a chapter to him and can instantly see why to gets into them. His latest obsession is a series of 25 Raymond E Feist books. Thankfully I have a friend who is now my nominated 'library' as he has a similar taste in books to my son, meaning he always has something to read without it costing me the earth. Naturally, my son wouldn't be seen dead in a real library! I once took him to my university library, thinking he would be inspired, and he said it was like hell - 'death by books' I think were his words! But this is no reflection of his love of reading...

He is sad when he finishes a book because he misses the characters. If it's a particularly good book he'll bring it down in the morning and read it while scoffing his cereals till the second he has to leave for school.

Can I just re-iterate my son is NOT a geek - he just loves reading.


  1. We missed World Book Day and my daughter's only 8! We used to get vouchers sent out from school to put towards buying books at a special book fair they used to set up after school, but none of that happened this year.

    My little one loves books, magazines, anything she can get her hands on with words on it actually! Mind you I'm pretty much the same, although now I seem to be reading more blogs than books!

  2. I used ot feel that sadness when a book was finished - still do sometimes. you invest so much in the characters and then you finish and they are just gone. i remember it used to depress me quite a lot as a child.