Thursday, 25 March 2010

Can't be arsed

I like the drive to my son's guitar lessons. We often have some interesting chats.

Today after a prolonged silence my son said ' know how I'm nearly 14 now....'

'Mmmm' This sounded dangerous.

'Am I allowed to say the word 'arse' around you?'

Say what?

'It's not a swear word'

Well,  I guess. I pride myself on never ever swearing around my son except for one occasion a couple of years ago when, out for meal, he asked what another word for really good was and I suggested 'the dog's bollocks'. This was met with complete shock from him and my boyfriend that I could think this was an acceptable term to suggest! They have gone on about it ever since! ("Mum, remember that day you said the dog's .....")

'Ok, I guess I don't mind'


'Yeah sure. Hey, why don't you shout it really loud?'

He looked at me suspiciously, smiled, went to shout, then stopped,

'Nah, it doesn't feel right around you....'

'Ok' I said. I was flattered he felt I should be protected from any foul language!

As we got out the car and walked up to the guitar teacher's house he looked at me and said 'Mum, I'm looking forward to this Easter. It's gonna be the dog's...'


  1. Lol! That did make me giggle! I remember when I started to swear around my parents and the debates it brought up! God that feels a lifetime ago!

  2. Brilliant! Reverse psychology... I'm liking your thinking :D