Monday, 8 March 2010

Happy Women's Days

'Happy International Women's Day!', I chirped as I arrived in work today (25 mins later than planned-damn). No one knew it was women's day.
Is it a national thing? they asked.
INTERnational, I said proudly.
Not everyone will be celebrating though will they, said my work husband, cos some women are always moody.

Hmm, I thought, so what's going on today to mark such an occasion? Oh, there are some young women doing some activities to 'prevent pregnancy', activities such as arts and crafts.... Oh, Ok.

This was to celebrate how much women have progressed.

What? So much that we are forced to do arts and crafts to stop us from thinking about making babies?

How odd.

As I left the office (don't worry, I did some work in between) I saw the purple haired lesbian who always gives me evils crying and someone comforting her. I was slightly taken aback. People don't often cry at work-It's not that kind of job. It's not like I don't know that lesbians can cry...

I still don't really get Women's day. But maybe I get that we shouldn't put women in boxes.

Well, unless they can decorate them as part of an arts and crafts session to distract them from being broody.

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