Sunday, 21 March 2010

Diary of a 15 year old

I seem to be doing a lot of reflecting lately - It's all terribly self indulgent and quite embarrassing really! Maybe it's being 30 and feeling like I should know a bit more about myself - Even typing that makes me cringe!

So I've just been up in the attic and found my diary from the summer of 94 (age 15) to the summer of 95 (age 16) when I left home. During that period my life changed more than I could ever imagine. The thing is I'm too scared to open it! I know it's sounds really stupid and I really can't explain it. The key has been lost but I still daren't open it! I know I'm being over dramatic but I think I might just leave it a while...........


  1. Im like that, I have all my old diaries but the thought of opening them worries me. They are a can of worms that I dont want to unleash upon myself!

  2. give it to me, I'll read it first and check it's ok ;-) lol xxx