Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh My Fussing God

After first applying in July 2002, I have finally this week receieved my FIRST 5 POUNDS through the CSA!! Yes thats right a WHOLE 5 POUNDS - Whoop whoop, I feel a crazy shopping spree coming on. No, I should be sensible - I should save it right? - Ok done - has been transfered to my son's savings account. Phew that was close. I can't believe I was tempted to blow it all! I think it was just the shock. Wow, all those frustratingly long phone calls with incompetent CSA staff over the last 8 years all seem worth it now......Don't give up girls!


  1. I don't know how you managed to restrain yourself and NOT blow the lot!;0)
    Pretty disgusted it's taken so long.....imagine the costs of those calls in the first place. It will be good to save up for your son, pleased for you even if it will only buy him a burger king meal, it's better than nothing. :0)

  2. Oh dont say that! Im about to start a claim with them! Heres hoping it works quicker than that for us!

  3. I had the same - not 8 years, but 4, then I had to personally take photos of him to prove he was working as he and his boss were denying it before they sent an investigator down there, then they got the wrong amount anyway. I got £235 (less than one months payment as the csa screwed it up) then he jacked his job in and signed on. I should have got a fiver a month but they even screwed that up so I got £35 over a few weeks and it stopped again!

    Then I complained and actually got £100 compensation for the CSA's screw ups - apparently it was to compensate me for the loss of money from them messing things up - how £100 compensates for over £12000 I dont know, but still I wasnt expecting that much!

    I get £2.50 a week now as he knocked out another kid he no longer sees and me and his mum share the fiver a week we're entitled to! Forgive me if I don't crack the champagne open!

  4. Thanks for the heads up SM - I should prob make the most of my 5 pounds a week before it gets split between 6 others!

    71p wont even buy small fries!

  5. Oh great, now I'm actually feeling guilty about having the whole 5 pounds to myself when really I should only be getting 71p of it!