Monday, 18 January 2010

7. about the time I started straightening my hair

7. 'About the time I started straightening my hair', early 2002, age 22

Last diary entries scream loss of control in a manner only I could exhibit. Am able to say this now due to having made extreme progress to improve life:

1. Found a job i.e. proper job where, although initially the prospect of no Trisha or Kilroy in the morning and no shopping in afternoon resembled a situation not dissimilar to hell, it is in fact v. good for me and in the long term will make me richer and slimmer (??) (Results soon to be confirmed). Also I now own ultra stylish work wardrobe to match ultra stylish career girl lifestyle, feet kill but worth it; would win style awards in office (although most colleagues resemble my mother in various forms)

2. Have what may be considered by some (although falsely I hasten to add) achieved ultimate goal and bagged myself a boyfriend. Not someone I would ever have put myself with but feel strangely contented in the relationship plus he let me shave a mohecan into his head which scores points with me. Good s** , Good conversation, seemingly stable.

3. Think I may have a crush on bloke from work. Maybe because he is only male in the office or because he lives on same road as SC but am sure it is harmless, and is simply justification for making an effort for work (as helps if I have a target to impress/seduce I mean impress.) (This should not have been in my life improvement list)

4. Am also drinking significantly less, pulling significantly less, baking significantly more (always a good sign as all good mums bake). Materialistic values still high after purchasing designer clothing for myself and child* (but with possible intent to return). Oh, almost forgot most successful self-reinvention was had hair blow dried straight and looks bloody beautiful. Am considering saving up to have it permanently flattened as curls are the devils work to make life seem unruly and unmanageable.

(*not matching or chavy)

This was quite a significant diary entry. Its difficult to remember life before ghds sometimes! I still do believe that curly hair makes you feel a little less in control! My boyfriend hates me straightening my hair all the time but he really doesn't understand! Oh, its prob also significant that the 'seemingly stable boyfriend' mentioned here I am still with 8 years later! Did I really say that we had 'good conversation'??? God, I must have known some really uncommunicative men to comare him to!

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