Monday, 11 January 2010

It's all Political

My son played the part of Barack Obama in Drama today-I'm so proud I told him - "well, everyone else in my group was white!" Not the point-I see a future leader in my son for sure. Obama's mother was a teenage mum too don't you know?!

I am determined to learn more about politics this year (not a resolution, just an aim). I sniggered at the nobody on Celeb Big Brother on day 1 for saying 'oh, if you're talking 'bout politics I'll go away, I don't know anything". FFS, you're 27 not a child you fool I shouted at the TV, then I realised that I say the exact same thing. Frequently. How pathetic I must sound. Politics effects everyone right? So I'm making a conscious effect to try and focus on the news more when politicians come on. Some of it is boring as. Or rather they are boring as. I would much prefer to watch Obama. The Milliband brothers are a poor substitute. I bought my house from an MP so I always feel a strange alliance with her, what with sleeping in her bedroom and still having her curtains up. I guess I need to start listening to what people are actually saying though....

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