Tuesday, 19 January 2010

sorting my s*** out

These are my last diary entries from 2001/2002. Although reading them I sound like a total nightmare they do nicely sum up the transition from 'a mad year of making up for my lack of teenage years' to 'sorting my s*** out' (kinda). Clearly the intention was always there anyway...

8. ‘about the time I upset everyone at work’ early 2002, age 22

S***, everyone hates me. The middle aged women at work hate me cos I’m younger than them and now the male singleton hates me too. Boyfriend will be here in 20 mins and I look a mess.

9.‘about the time the weather changed’ 22nd Feb 2002, age 22

Child: “It feels like a special new day Mummy”

10. ‘about the time I needed to forget old flames’ mid 2002, age 22

If my boyfriend stays over does that mean I have to take down the photos of SC next to my bed?
Why am I having dreams about R from work?

11. ‘about the time we were ‘on a break’’ 30th August 2002, age 23

Proud of: purchasing 3 bed house (small back yard but nice view)
Not proud of: pulling it all apart making it unlivable and then dumping boyfriend who was gonna transform it to livable.

Plan: forget the 18 yr old at A&E


Maybe will accept bloke from work's invitation to dinner at his.

Can’t wait till I can entertain guests at home.
Must remember child is a handful because he is ‘gifted’ and therefore has different needs.

I did forget about the 18 yr old from A&E and got back with the boyfriend, although I'm still insistent that I don't NEED a man. And of course my child is very gifted (in Maths, Geography, Music and DT according to latest school correspondence). I was studying Maths and Geography while pregnant so I guess its perfectly reasonable to assume that some of it absorbed into my womb (???). Oh, and I took a friend to dinner with me at 'bloke from work's' house and she ended up snogging him while I passed out on the sofa (Lucky escape as he turned out to be a bit strange!). My lovely house soon became livable and I had the best house warming party ever!

The end!

Everyone dancing to Cotton Eye Joe, 2002

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