Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tell me about something you miss*

I miss my twenties.
Whoever said thirties were the new twenties lied.
They're not.
Remember when you were a kid and thirty seemed like really old?
Well guess what - it STILL does.

Some things you just can't get away with when you're 30....

I miss flirting. I miss dressing up. I miss getting really drunk. I miss not worrying. I miss planning parties. I miss my vintage cowboy boots. I miss Gregs pasties. I miss gossiping. I miss Dawsons Creek. I miss dancing with strangers. I miss Toy Story 1 & 2. I miss having long hair. I miss making stuff out of paper mache. I miss wearing bikini tops as actual tops. I miss picnics in the garden. I miss toe rings. I miss the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I miss sitting on skate ramps. I miss fairy lights all year round. I miss chasing taxis. I miss doing kart wheels. I miss kissing boys I shouldn't. I miss kissing girls I shouldn't. I miss bouncy castles and paddling pools. I miss painting everything red. I miss making treasure hunts. I miss keeping sea monkeys. I miss stealing drinks. I miss requesting Britney in rock clubs. I miss sharing a bunk bed. I miss marble run. I miss talking on the phone all night. I miss my driving instructor. I miss walking bare foot. I miss push up bras and glitter. I miss the morning school run. I miss Sex and the City night. I miss roller skating. I miss the drama. I miss the serenity. I miss Turkey Dinosaurs. I miss Dr Seuss.

*Inspired by Josie's Writing Workshop


  1. Do you know what I love about this? That your twenties were nothing like mine a have been. So full of fun, and fearlessness. I wish I had had yours :)

    I'm two years off the big 3-0 and rather weirdly I'm quite looking forward to leaving behind my twenties. I think 30's will suit me better, or at least, I hope so!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Josie x

  2. I think I may be remembering them through somewhat rose tinted specs! Just found old diaries..watch this space! x