Thursday, 18 February 2010


On my way to the shops in the snow a car pulled up near me and beeped its horn a number of times. I looked over but the car was too far away to see who it was, the door opened slightly then closed, so I carried on walking. The car then did a U turn and pulled up right by me and again beeped its horn - Ok, this must be someone I know I thought peering in the window.
It seemed not.

"Are you ok? You look really cold" said the complete stranger.
"Er, yeah I'm fine"
"You look frozen"
"You stopped me because you thought I was frozen?" (Do I look that bad???)
"Well, I thought you had a nice smile too"
"But I wasn't smiling...."
"Look, where you are going, I'll give you a lift" he said as he opened his car door expecting me to just jump in.
"Erm...I don't think so mate"
"Ok, wait, I'll pull over"
Wait? WTF for???

He parked up and ran after me. Ok. that sounds scarier than it actually was. So he maybe just jogged gently. In retrospect I could have walked faster.

"Look you don't do things like that, you could get arrested" I told him, still walking.
"Arrested? Why?"
"Because it's not normal, I don't know you. Why would I just get in your car?"
"But you look really nice"
"But you don't know me. Do you do this to all girls you see?"
"No, I've never met a girl like you before"
"You've not met me. You are just following me"
"I just saw you looking cold and I wondered whether you had any place to go"
"So, what? I look like I'm a homeless person now?" (What am I like -this is not the right time to be fishing for compliments!)
"Look, do you have a number? Or a pen, I could give you mine"
"No, I don't and anyway, to be honest, I think you're a bit strange"
He looked genuinely hurt.
"It's just not normal to do things like this" I reiterated,
Disheartened, he slowed down 'Just tell me your name then...." he pleaded.
Oh, what the hell. What harm can it do.
"Next time we meet..."
Yeah, yeah, whatever - I didn't hear rest.

I got my shopping and walked home to find this in the road right outside my house-If you can't read it says - 'I love you (my name)' and a heart in the snow....

Apparently, and very uncharacteristically, this was my boyfriend's idea of a romantic gesture while I was at the shops...I'm not sure whether to be relieved or slightly disappointed! (0bviously relieved would to be the appropriate reaction).

"You always attract the weirdos" said my boyfriend when I told him of my ordeal. Yes darling, and some I never get rid of...


  1. Im really tetchy about my personal safety I'd have been on the phone to the police the moment he got out the car lol!

  2. Yeah, my boyfriend says I'm far too trusting! x