Thursday, 11 February 2010

He never stops talking

Just got back from parents evening. Saw about 7 different teachers but to be honest I could have just seen the first one, recorded it and played it back 6 times. Every teacher said the same thing. He's doing brilliantly but he just never stops talking. The thing is I'm not sure what I can do about this. Without being there it feels like there's very little I can do. I mean isn't that their job?* I doubt he remembers a word I say when he gets to school. Plus, part of me feels that this is just part of his character. I love hearing my son chat away. I worry when he's quiet. This may sound like I'm bias in loving the sound of my son's voice but it appears the teachers feel the same way;

"I just can't tell him to stop because he's so lovely"
"He's so funny I have to look away so he can't see me laughing"
"There's something so adorable about him that makes it impossible to tell him off"

Great, so my son has somehow put a spell on all the teachers so he can get away with doing exactly what he pleases.

Never have I been more proud!

*oh god, I'm turning into one of those terrible mums who refuses to take any responsibility for their child's behavior!

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