Thursday, 4 February 2010

We live in a democracy

Yesterday my boyfriend called me at work: 'When are you are coming home because we need to have a family meeting?'

Shit, this sounded serious... 'What's it about?'

'I can't say till you get home'

30 minutes later I was sat at the dining table. After a few hushed whispers they came out with it:

'We think we should be unbanned from the x-box', they said in unison.

I rushed home for this.

I banned the x-box a few days ago because I wanted them to realise that there is more to life-clearly this didn't work.

'We live in a democracy-lets put it to a vote', my son piped up

They think I'm so stupid, 'Well a democracy still needs a strong leadership, so instead we should vote for a leader'

There is no way my son and boyfriend would vote for each other to be leader. This x-box is the single thing they both agree on - I am by far the most trusted and respected in this household.

boyfriend 1 vote
me 0 votes
son 2 votes

Damn I think I went wrong somewhere.

So my son is now 'leader' of the household.

The boyfriend was appointed 'General' (in case we go to war) and I was appointed Head of Finance (naturally) then boyfriend was appointed Head of Security after I threatened to go out to the pub.
I was quite impressed though that the leadership's mantra was all about fairness. After appointing me his 'adviser' my son decided an hour between them both on the x-box was fair and the boyfriend could have half an hour more after 10 if he had done all his jobs. I was put on night watch duties to enforce this.

Today, however, I think the power has gone to his head. He has made up a 'national anthem' which is in his own special language but translates to mean something about him being the greatest. He has decided to write down his rules but said that he will take inspiration from Animal Farm. As his adviser I have warned him I see rebellion on the cards. The boyfriend has uttered grumblings of discontent already (between attempts to declare war) and I'm losing patience with it all too (after being put 'in charge of washing up'). So my son now says he believes in 'dictatorship' rather than democracy. It all seems to be going horribly wrong.

I might change my mind about supporting lowering the voting age after all. I don't think 3 years will be enough to undo the damage this has done to my sons grasp on politics!


  1. Lol that did make me laugh out loud! Love it!

  2. Haha...good luck! I think the word may be conspiracy. ;0)