Monday, 8 February 2010

Just for me

If anyone knows me then they'll know that my skills are not in the kitchen. I'm still not sure where they are but I know they are not there. However, a good few years ago I discovered that I could put together a pretty good Tiramisu. I was told you couldn't go wrong with Tiramisu and this must be true because, believe me, if there was a way that it could go wrong I would have found it. So basically now every time we get invited out and I am expected to bring something it is always Tiramisu. I have tried to vary it but it always ends in some disaster that I've been too embarrassed to bring so have had to resort to taking the 'pass-it-on-wine' (pass-it-on-wine is when someone brings you wine you don't like, so you keep it to pass on to others-it's always good to have a nice collection of pass-it-on-wine for emergency situations).
Anyway, Tiramisu is also my favourite pudding ever, but whenever I take it anywhere it goes so quickly I'm lucky if I even get a decent spoon full. So, today, for the first time ever, I made Tiramisu just for me. Well, I said I would share it with the boyfriend and son, but if I happen to get up early to test it and it happens to then all disappear then I really can't be blamed. Did I mention how much I love Tiramisu? I really should try spending more time in the kitchen-I never knew it could actually be enjoyable....

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