Saturday, 6 February 2010

Important Issues

I recently got something in the post asking about what 3 issues were important me.

This got me thinking...

1. Paying for tampons
It's bad enough having periods but I totally resent PAYING for Tampax on top of feeling like shit. I know it's not a lot of money but it's the principle. I bet if men had periods they would have invented a period fairy who delivers Tampax to your door free of charge by now. Then we could spend the money saved on much needed chocolate instead.

2. Services for adults with Aspergers
It is highly probable that both Isaac Newton and Einstein had 'high functioning Aspergers'. Can you really see them going to Monday Club and doing pottery? Would they have been classed as 'disabled'? Would they have had minimum wage carers paid to watch over them? Would they have automatically been treated the same as those with learning difficulties? Everyone now claims to be an expert on this 'new thing' called Aspergers but maybe it was actually better when they weren't and people were just treated as individuals.

3. Domestic violence
This isn't something I talk about much (ever) but my ex was quite partial to a bit of physical and mental abuse. I know this. The girlfriend before me knows. The girlfriend after me knows this. The next girlfriend is unlikely to know this....yet. It just seems like something could be done, that doesn't need to involve any of us acting like psycho ex's seeking revenge.

However, it seemed a bit over the top to try and put all this on the form so in the end I think I ticked the boxes 'economy', 'education' and 'health'!

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