Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Spice Girls sold me a lie

When people ask what my boyfriend does I say he is a self employed carpenter. Oh how useful, people with boyfriends with normal jobs but who are just a bit shit at DIY always say. You Reckon? You wanna swap? I try not to say out loud.

In reality, and particularly with the whole recession thing, being a self employed carpenter means going for months on end without a job. I'd like to say that I'm a supportive and understanding girlfriend but I'm afraid I'm not! - I moan at him about it every day! It's one thing being skint after paying your own bills but quite another thing being skint after paying someone else's.

According to the Job Centre though I earn enough to support us both. Really? Have you seen how much my boyfriend eats? He's like twice the size of me at least! I really don't remember signing up for this. Sometimes I think WAGS/gold diggers have the right idea. Suddenly they don't seem so dumb afterall. While we think we're choosing financial independence we're actually doing ourselves out of a lot free pairs of shoes, or even being able to afford new shoes at all after paying the boyfriend's van insurance and phone bill. So much for Girl Power. My boyfriend says that I stress too much but I'd just like him to stress a little more. His eternal confidence that 'something will turn up' wears a little thin after 8 years! I would have chucked him out a number of times by now if I didn't know he'd just bring up the old 'squatters rights' thing again!

So anyway, I wanted to post this earlier but didn't want to tempt fate. On Monday my boyfriend went to see about a permanent kitchen fitter job. It's another world for tradesmen - You go to 'see' about a job, which involves turning up in jeans and chatting about fishing. Then you either never hear back, get told the job doesn't exist afterall or they ask you to start the next day. 9.9 times out of 10 its one of the first two options. My Boyfriend was asked to start today.

I don't quite feel like I can relax yet but it was really nice to leave the house for work this morning knowing his lazy ass wasn't still in bed. I guess I'll have to find something else to moan at him about now......

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