Friday, 12 February 2010

The door to reality

I think I'm going slightly mad. The reason I think this is due to the following recent events;

1. First, I was on a course the other day and someone asked me 'Is the next workshop in March?'
'Is the next workshop in March?'
'Is the next workshop in March?'

He looked at me in despair, gave out an exasperated sigh before giving up and asking someone else.
'Oh right, sorry, I completely forgot what the word March meant!' Ha ha, this is cute right? Guys love this. Actually, this guy was cute too.
Apparently though it wasn't cute. Judging by the look he gave me it was just odd. Damn.

2. Then at work I said the word 'horse' instead of the word 'car'. My boyfriend thinks this is hilarious and keeps randomly shouting the word "HORSE!" at me at inappropriate moments. No one at work found it funny, they were just slightly concerned.

3. This morning, as I left to go to work, I happily drove from my house in completely the opposite direction to work for about 7 or even 8 minutes before realizing, and work is only usually about 10 minutes away....

Still, I'm sure I read somewhere that if you're aware of your madness then you are not actually mad-that's what I'm sticking to anyway. My son drew me a picture today;
'Do you get it?'
'Of course I do' I lied.
'Well you have to be crazy to understand it' he said before explaining that the thing on the bottom right is the 'door to reality'.
'My head was a bit mad when I drew it' he said.

As he explained the rest of his picture I couldn't help thinking that that sign on the door to reality really does need to be a bit clearer.

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