Saturday, 22 May 2010

Are elves short or tall?*

  *NB I have the feeling (and lack of comments would indicate!) that this is one of those private jokes that only me and boyfriend find remotely funny but WTH!

Last New Year we were invited to a fancy dress party and we thought it would be cute (?) if we went as Santa (boyf) Mrs Santa (me) and an elf (son). My son seemed surprisingly keen . So I went and got us some costumes in the post-christmas sale. Except when I showed them to my son he was mortified with the 'santas little helper' elf costume I'd chosen for him. 'I WANTED TO BE A TALL ELF!' he shouted at me distraught, then locked himself in his room. Unfortunately me and the boyf couldn't help but find this quite amusing. My son, taking after me, is small for his age. Therefore a costume was not gonna make him any taller! If he was gonna be an elf it was pretty conclusive that he would have to be a small elf! My son did not share our amusement.

Needless to say the costumes never got worn....

Anyway the subject of 'tall elves' came up again today (ok I admit I brought it up!). My son is still convinced that elves are tall. I really don't know why he feels so strongly about it! We ended up having a huge tickle fight on the sofa because I simply couldn't stop laughing, more at remembering his reaction to the christmas 'small elf' costume than anything else. Realizing that even sitting on a  cushion on my head wouldn't stop me laughing he gave up! I went up to apologize to him later and found him reading this..

Turns out elves are just normal size. It's simply a misinformed stereotype that associates them with small people.

Another interesting fact is that elves are not real of course - that would just be silly. Although spending all evening discussing their size is perfectly justified.

P.s. I'm glad I have my son back though after a few weeks of teen angst. It was getting kinda boring treading on egg shells!

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  1. The size of an elf depends on the race. Those that live in denser forests tend to be smaller as an adaptation. Most elves are about human size, though.