Monday, 17 May 2010

snog, marry, avoid?

Due to being a helpless flirt (as in I really can't help it), and I'm under no illusion that there is any other reason, when I go out I tend to get a fair few guys coming on to me. I'm always honest though. I always tell them 'I have a long-term boyfriend....and I have a thirteen year old son'...It's funny that it's that last statement that always seems to be the fool-proof line that gets rid of them! It's like they hear those words and they suddenly wanna re-wind everything they've been saying. I see their whole body kinda sink back as they try to figure out how they can take their chat up lines back and get the hell away! I mean, imagine if I was single on the pull. Would I really have to pretend my son didn't exist to get any interest? It's like a long term boyfriend they can deal with (??) but a teenage son and suddenly you're the most undesirable person in the room. Anyway, I just think it's not right so I feel its my duty in these circumstances to then make it my mission to be as sexy as humanly possible till they are practically begging me to go home with them! Of course, I tell them where to go (cheeky fussers!) but maybe next time they meet a girl with a child they'll think twice before writing them off. See, I'm doing it for all you young single mummies out there....although, to be honest, you can probably do much better than the type of guys I tend to attract!

Turning the bedroom upside-down trying to find something to wear to a 'Gangster and Molls' party.

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