Saturday, 8 May 2010

dirty stop out

I try not to go out too often because I have this kinda disability. You see I'm missing that ability that other people seem to have where they know it's time to go home. Even though I always go out with the best intentions ("just nipping out for a drink with Wendi darling, yep just the one") as soon as I've downed that first vodka and lemonade I just want to stay out forever - literally. My poor boyfriend has had to put up with this for 8 years, rolling in a 4/5 in the morning after I've said I'll be a back around 10 (yes, yes, I know he worries). Anyway, cos I know what I'm like I try to resist going out any more than once a month, although if I'm honest this is more because my hangovers these days feel like I'm literally dying for 24 hours. Many Saturday mornings I've driven my son to football training with a sick bowl discretely hidden by my feet! Anyway, last night I went out for a few drinks with some girls from work. I said I'd be home for 11 and was home for 10 to 1 so for me that's quite good (even though I texted at 11.30 to say I was just finishing my drink before getting two more). It took all my effort to leave at 12.30ish (although actually it was probably like all my friend's effort who knew my boyf would be worried). "You're boyfriend is so lucky" a couple of guys told me, after I admitted that if they were on the pull they should probably try their lines on the two single girls rather than me, "No, really he's not" I assured them! All I wanted to do was stay out but I was proud of myself that I was able to have a good time and also get home at a 'reasonable' hour for once.

I don't know why I don't go out more often I thought to myself as I stumbled happily into bed. Then realised why not this morning as I forgot to wake up in time to take my son to football training! (oops - note to self - you are a bad mother!) Still on the upside I did discover the best hangover cure - olives for breakfast - try it. I feel great (well apart for the guilty bad mother/girlfriend thing!)


  1. I'm sniggering away here - I'm very much the same - often rolling in at 4 or 5 in the morning... and the only reason I go home is so that I'm in before the kids wake up!!!

  2. Ditto! Sometimes it's been close! x