Monday, 24 May 2010

Motivate, Lead and Inspire

So I had my personal development review at work the other week. It went ok, no it went well but obviously I'm gonna pick up on the bad bits...I'm good friends with my manager so it was kinda weird having a formal meeting with her...I don't do formal well. I'm not a formal person.

'The only little thing is that sometimes it seems like you're not that sure of what you're saying.'

'Well that would be when I'm not then.'

'Ok, well, maybe you could try just acting like you are?'

'That's not really me.'

'No....well you could try being a bit more......erm...'



Yep ok I get it.

I'm not a blagger, I hate blaggers, I hate being fake but I need to justify being paid the millions that I am so I agreed to go on a shitty course. My 31st birthday will be spent leaning how to 'Motive, Lead and Inspire'. Bloody great!

The thing is I only really speak up when I feel strongly about something....otherwise I don't really see the point.....

Today I went to the Parent's Consultation evening at my son's school. Usually I just sit and listen but the group was smaller today so I actually said something....Not only did I say something but I actually disagreed with someone, and when that parent, who was also a teacher and so thought he bloody knew everything, carried on going on about how education wasn't about enjoyment I bloody well told him that a good teacher is one that makes learning enjoyable and inspires pupils to want to learn and then when he said that you didn't go to work to have fun I said that I did think it was important that the boys enjoyed school (its a boys school, I wasn't being sexist!) and then all the other parents joined in too and said that school wasn't a bloody job and education was so much more than just attainment, it was about developing into well rounded happy human beings and when mardy arse said that he didn't teach to be liked I thought its a good bloody job you miserable fusser and I looked round and I could tell that everyone in the room was thinking the same as me.

So you basically turned everyone against him, the boyfriend said when I relayed the story to him.
Yuh-huh, I replied proudly.

I wonder if that counts as motivating, leading and inspiring?

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