Saturday, 22 May 2010

Something constructive

Since I've stopped studying I've been having a few issues with feeling that my free time is not being spent constructively. So today with the sun out and my son off playing tennis with friends all day I managed to do 2 constructive things

1. I have found a use for my £5 pearls from Primark

2. I have replanted my tomato seeds and I am determined not to let them die.

I really do need to find myself a hobby or something though as there's only so many times a day I can go and check that my tomatoes are still ok and as much as I would love to decorate the house with pearls, even at £5 a go I can't really afford it (and not sure the boyf would be impressed). What do people do when their children no longer need them in a 'time capacity' sense?


  1. OMG those pearls look amazing! Wow!

  2. Well I didn't think I'd ever wear them again.. Even the lady on the till in Primark asked if I didn't think they were 'a bit much'?!