Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Topsy Turvy

Imagine if every child had like loads of fathers. In fact they had so many that they could pick and chose which ones they wanted to see. Maybe it would even become a hassle to see them all so they would only see the ones that were easier to visit. Maybe the ones who lived nearest, or the ones who didn't notice how selfish the child was. But imagine if those fathers were only allowed to have ONE child, so if that child decided they weren't worth seeing they couldn't help but feel abandoned. Even though those fathers might try and get on with their lives they always know that their one biological child is out there, seeing their other fathers, maybe sporadically, maybe at times begrudgingly, but they'd always wonder how they picked their favourites. Maybe those children could forget about a few of the fathers but the fathers could never forget about their child, because they only have the one. They just have to live with it because they have no choice.

Now imagine that those selfish children are actually adults, and those brave adults are just children.....

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