Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Free Yard

So, I've being going over it in my head and have finally justified it to myself that I should definitely go and visit Wendi in Barcelona for a long weekend. Just me. Since I was 16 I've done 4 child-free long weekends away. The experience has been variable:

when: 1997
where: tacky caravan holiday park in Great Yarmouth
who with: the ex
what I can remember: either crying or feeling like I wanted to cry and promising never to leave my baby again

when: 1999
where: Glastonbury
who with: group of friends
what I can remember: just sleeping-like the whole time!

when: 2004
where: Finland
who with: Wendi
what I can remember: naked sauna

when: 2005
where: Amsterdam
who with: a hen party
what I can remember: sorry, 'what goes on tour stays on tour'!

So this time the plan is no nakedness, no strippers, no horrible boyfriend and aim to stay awake and it should all be fine....

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