Friday, 14 May 2010

In my purse

I keep being tagged on people's posts to take pictures of 'whats in my handbag' and I always chose to ignore them. The truth is I'm kinda embarrassed by the shit I carry around with me! While I would love for my life to look like this I'm afraid it really doesn't! I don't even have a handbag - I have a kinda worn out holdall kinda thing with a broken press stud. (The best compliment I ever got was from a young girl in a hospital waiting room-"I like your bag-is that from Primark?" No dear, but thanks for pointing out that it looks like it cost me £1.50!) Anyway, this morning I decided to empty some of the shit from my purse (see above). You gotta start somewhere right? I have to admit it feels good, even though I'm kinda shocked with just how much I had managed to fit into my purse - all of it complete rubbish!

Now I just need to sort out my bag, my car, my drawers, my work desk, my life....

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